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Skate Canada's national learn to skate program.  We are pumped and ready for our second year with using the new CanSkate program based on Sport Canada’s long term athlete development (LTAD) principles. Exciting features include a fresh look, awards, great tools for coaches and most importantly a tested and proven new curriculum and delivery methods that guarantee skater success in developing stronger basic skills and developing them faster. But there’s more! The new program also includes specific skills that pertain to hockey, ringette, speed skating and figure skating. The result is a dynamic new program that prepares all skaters for virtually every ice sport.


Introductory StarSkate & Skills

Groups lessons beyond CanSkate Levels providing opportunity to work towards a variety of Skate Canada test levels.  STARSkate offers opportunities for skaters of all ages to develop fundamental figure skating skills in the areas of ice dance, skating skills, free skate and interpretive skating. These group lessons teach figure skating skills in a progressive and sequential manner and include specifically designed awards and incentives. Skaters have the opportunity to take Skate Canada Tests through a nationally standardized testing system.


Introductory Synchronized Skating

Recreational class introducing the technique and elements required for synchronized skating.

Synchronized skating, or “synchro” is a specialized discipline of skating involving groups of eight or more skaters performing various group formations and maneuvers. The objective is for the team to perform as one unit executing circles, blocks, lines, wheels and intersections in unison to the music, while demonstrating quality edges, power and flow. Skate Canada’s SynchroSkate program includes a number of Synchronized Skating categories which accommodate skaters at any age and skill level.


Youth Competitive Synchronized Skating

Competitive teams for ages 4 to 19.  Skate Canada’s SynchroSkate program includes a number of Synchronized Skating categories which accommodate skaters at any age and skill level.  Our competitive teams try to attend 3 competitions and a number of exhibition skates throughout the season.  Competitive Synchro skaters are expected to continue working on their individual skating skills and are encouraged to take additional skill classes (Canskate, Starskate, Group Skills) as well during the season.


Adult Skating - recreational and competitive 

Adult skating is growing in popularity and more and more clubs are offering recreational, test and competitive opportunities to this segment of the population. Through RSST, adults can participate in CanSkate, Introductory Starskate, Group Skills, Introductory Synchro as well as participate in competitive synchronized skating on one of our two adult teams. One of our Competitive Adult teams skates one night a week and the other skates twice a week allowing for differences in skater availability and commitment levels.  In addition to general competitions, Adult championships currently provide opportunities for adult skaters to experience the challenge of a competition in a fun, social environment.