Executive, Member at Large needed


The 2015-16 RSST executive has now been elected at the 2015 AGM and takes over responsibility immediately.  There are still two vacant board positions that require individuals to step up and fill.  These would be "members at large", meaning they may not have specific role portfolios but may take on a variety of tasks as required by the board.  We are an experienced group ready to give support and guidance to any new committee members as they start feeling their way through their duties.   No experience is required!  This is the best way of learning what its like to sit on a board and what it takes to operate a not-for-profit club of this nature.  Being on the executive helps you meet many club members on a more personal level as well and allows you input into how the club operates and moves forward.  Think about it..... even if you are new to the organization, we'd love to have you!  If you are interested or would like anymore information, contact Diane Nokonechney, Club President.






RSST at 2015 I Love Regina Day
Victoria Park

Thank you to everyone who took part in our "Synchro Makeovers" and to all those who joined our competitive skaters in some "off-ice" training.  What fun we all had in the Children's Activities Area organized by Tania of OneStopKidShop.com

Congratulations to Candice Oremba, winner of a full session of CanSkate lessons in our Free Draw!

  Thank you to everyone who came out to Try Synchro!


Thank you to everyone who attended our FREE try Synchronized Skating event at the Cooperators Centre on April 26.  We had so much fun and hope you did too!

Our 2015-16 registration is OPEN now, so if you got bit by the "synchro bug" and would like to join us next season, sign in and go to our registration page now.  Considering what you all accomplished in just under an hour... you will do amazing things with some regular practices on a team or in one of our group classes.  Come have more fun with us in the fall! 

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